Tennis FAQ

Below are frequently asked tennis questions regarding Hours of Operation, COVID-19, Tennis Programs, and General Questions.

Hours of Operation

Q: When are the tennis courts open?

A: The tennis courts will be unlocked and available to members whenever the club is open and staffed. During off-hours courts can be accessed with a key. If you do not have a key, you may order one through the website. To order, log in to your account. Go to Manage Account > Make Purchase. You will get an email notification when your key is available to pick up in the club office.

The courts are to be accessed from the outside gates. The gates into the club will remain locked so that we can monitor the number of members in the facility.

Q: Why are there so many hours I cannot freely use the courts? I like to play in the morning.

A: The club typically runs both non-team lessons and team practices on summer mornings from 8 am – 1 pm. This year, our class times are running from 8:00am–2:30pm to accommodate the social distancing required by the State of Washington. We have tried to provide free access to the courts in the afternoons and on evenings that do not have adult tennis lessons. The calendar is the best resource for knowing when courts are open.

Q: The schedule seems complicated. How do I know if a court is open?

A: The schedule is kept up to date and can be found here:

Part of supporting a robust and active children’s and adult program means our courts are frequently in use. We are open to feedback on how to improve access at and please see the discussion on reservations below.

Q: Can I reserve a court for my regular Sunday 8 am game?

A: We have not yet instituted reservation technology, though some of our peer clubs have, including View Ridge. We are considering this technology and its potential impact on members and use of the courts.

Q: I have arrived at the club and all the courts are busy. How do I let people know I’m waiting?

A: Briefly put, the rule is First On, First off (FIFO) while offering members court priority. This is a hot topic, so stick with us while we explain what to do.

    • First, all players should follow the 1.25 hour of play rule. Please start a phone or other timer before you begin play so you know how long you’ve been on the court. This is a critical courtesy measure for helping the club run well.
    • If you have arrived at the court to find them all filled, please stick your racquet in the fence to indicate you are waiting for a court. AHSTC members know to recognize the racquet and will identify who has been on the court the longest. You may also quickly and politely alert the players on the court that you are waiting.
    • Members on the court should respond and let you know when they will be done. Please check both upper and lower courts if you are waiting, but please do not interrupt a point being played or yell at fellow members.
    • Members always take precedence over guests for court time should two parties arrive simultaneously for a court, but if members are playing with guests their play should be allowed to continue for the allotted time.
    • Guests are not allowed to “reserve” or camp on a court until members arrive. Members whose guests do not observe this rule may face a $50 fine.
    • If for some reason members don’t respond to your request on time check or refuse to vacate the court at the end of 1 hour and fifteen minutes of play time, please let Amy Bannister, Pool Manager, know at If the pool manager is contacted, her decision stands as final and is inarguable. Members refusing to comply may be asked to pay a fine by the Board of Trustees.

COVID-19 Precautions

Q: Phase II says we can only have five people onsite? Does that include the pool and the tennis court?

A: We are treating the court as a separate facility during the pandemic. This means the gates between the courts and the pool will remain locked. There are disinfecting spray bottles as well as hand sanitizer at each gate. Please use the sanitizer upon entrance and exit.

Q: Why can’t you provide access to a porta-potty for the tennis courts?

A: We are considering a porta-potty for the tennis courts and will alert membership if we decide to install one. A porta-potty is an imperfect solution and may actually increase the spread of the virus or other bacteria related to sanitation. As such, we are reluctant to pursue this option.

Q: Are you saying I cannot use the new bathhouse to use the bathroom during a tennis match?

A: You may use the bathhouse; however, a mask is required, and you will have to enter the club by walking around Courts 3 & 4 and entering via the main entrance. We realize this is inconvenient, however, we are required by King County to keep a formal record of members who enter the pool deck. Thank you for understanding.

Adult and Youth Programs

Q: Why do we have adult tennis lessons? Why can’t the courts just be free use all the time for members?

A: Since tennis is a game of skill, most regular players like to brush up their skill level with coaching or clinics. We have a wonderfully robust and skilled number of adult players and AHSTC, and the adult tennis program is a way to support them and to offer new and beginner tennis players a way to enjoy the sport.

Q: OK, fine, but how do I just use the courts if all I want to do is hit around a ball with friends or other members?

A: Two tennis courts will remain available during all adult lessons. We do not offer court availability during children’s lessons. This is to observe the guidelines on social distancing and to provide the most positive environment for children.

Court conditions, maintenance, and other general questions

Q: I’ve arrived at the court to find an overflowing trash can or other mess. What should I do?

A: Sorry to hear that. Please email our facility manager, Amy Bannister at

So that you are aware, our schedule for court maintenance is as follows:

    • Sunday, 8-9 am – courts swept and/or blow for tree debris and rocks
    • Garbage and recycling – checked daily
    • Foreign matter on courts removed (trash, stray clothing) – daily
    • Hand sanitizer refilled – as needed
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