Guest Policies & Fee

This Guest Policy applies to the entire facility (including pool and tennis courts)

Download a pdf of the Guest Policies & Fee.

Guest Fee is $5 per person (inclusive of sales tax)

The sponsoring AHSTC member must always accompany guests at the AHSTC facility and is responsible for their behavior and actions. The member’s responsibility includes ensuring that their guests know and abide by current AHSTC Operating Rules. If guest(s) arrive separately from their host, the member will be paged to greet and check in guest(s) by providing the guest’s name and letting the Office Staff know if the guest will be using one of the member’s Guest passes or if they will be paying the guest fee.

  • All minor guests (under 18), unaccompanied by an adult, must provide an emergency phone number.
  • Members’ children are allowed to bring guests with the following restrictions:
    • Members’ child must be eight (8) years or older
    • Children ages 8 – 11 may bring up to two (2) guests without being accompanied by an adult (guests must also be eight years of age or older).
  • Any non-member entering the facility, regardless of whether swimming/playing tennis or not, is considered a guest with the following exceptions:
    • Non-swimming grandparents accompanied by a member.
    • A child under one (1) year of age.
  • Pool management may, at its discretion, impose a “NO GUESTS” policy to prevent overcrowding.
  • Any member may be subject to a $50.00 clean-up penalty assessment for failure to clean up after themselves and/or their guests at the discretion of the Pool Manager. Failure to pay a clean-up penalty assessment will result in suspension of pool privileges.


Members may provide Club access to a Caregiver (i.e., nanny, babysitter, etc.) by paying a $100 non-refundable fee per registered Caregiver each season.

Caregivers will not be allowed to enter the facility without the members’ children and/or bring adult guests, any other children of their own or currently in their care. However, a child (8 years and older) of a member in the care of a registered Caregiver may register a caregiver’s child as a guest and pay the guest fee or use an available guest pass. An additional $100 non-refundable assessment will be charged to the member for a change in Caregiver Registration.


Grandparents accompanying a member child under the age of 8 must be registered as a Caregiver.

A grandparent will not be allowed to enter the facility without the member or members’ children or to bring other guests, including other children or grandchildren of their own currently in their care.

Guest Passes

Guest passes may be used in lieu of the guest fee.

Each Family Membership shall receive twenty (20) “individual” guest passes and each Senior Membership shall receive ten (10) “individual” guest passes each season. The use of these passes will be tracked by the Office Staff and recorded on the member’s account. These passes expire at the end of each season and are non-transferable.

Members may purchase additional, nonrefundable, guest passes that do not expire.


Members may host up to nine (9) guests on any day without prior notification to pool management, providing the “NO GUESTS” policy is not in place. The host member can choose to use guest passes or pay the guest fee for each guest. There are no reservations taken for groups under 10 guests.

Members bringing between ten (10) and twenty (20) guests, during normal hours of operation, must request authorization and schedule the group through the pool office at least five (5) days in advance. The member may choose to use guest passes or pay the guest fee for each member of their party.  When the member schedules the group, they must state member number, approximate number of guests and time frame of party. (There may only be two (2) large parties at the club at one time, subject to the Pool Manager’s discretion.) Members are responsible for their guests, including cleaning up after their gathering.

Pool Rental (more than 20 (twenty) guests): Groups of this size are not allowed during normal hours of operations. A member may rent the pool before or after pool hours. See Club Office for details. Guest passes do not apply to pool rental.

Please Note: Please be considerate of other members when bringing groups to the Club and use the picnic tables near the large grassy area. The Club has canopies available for use – ask the Manager on duty for assistance with set up.