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The AHSTC Otters are part of the Greater Seattle Summer Swim League (GSSSL). The Otters invite all pool members 5-18 years old to join — the roster includes swimmers with experience ranging from year round swimmers to those new to the sport. For emerging swimmers, we offer Speedy Sixers.

Spring swim practices start the Monday after the club opens (after school). We know a lot of kids are still busy with school, sports, instruments, etc. so come when you can! When we move to our summer schedule practices move to mornings. Meets are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings through the end of July.

Our program strives to be a place where swimmers have the opportunity to enjoy practicing and competing in a team environment, learn and improve their skills over the course of the season, and have fun in a welcoming and encouraging environment. The team is a wonderful opportunity for families to spend time together and be part of the spirited Otter family.


Swim Team Links

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2023 Registration

Team registration is required prior to practice. If you have questions, contact ah-swim@ahstc.com.
*Please note our refund policy.

CLICK HERE for a page of all the important dates that you can print to have on hand.

2023 Team Events

May 15 – Beginning of Spring Practice
May 19, 5:00pm – Swim Parent meeting/orientation (New and Experienced)
June 16, 5:00-6:00pm – Senior Swimmer Meeting
June 16, 6:00pm – All Teams BBQ and Potluck
June 17, 8:00am – Red vs. Blue Team Time Trials
June 20 – Beginning of Summer Practice
June 24, 8:00-9:00am – Swim Clinic – Age 11 and Over
June 24, 9:00-10:00am – Swim Clinic – Age 10 and Under
July 4 – Yes practice (USA Theme)
July 8 – 8:00-9:00am – Swim Clinic – Age 11 and Over
July 8 – 9:00-10:00am – Swim Clinic – Age 10 and Under
July 12, Time TBD – Team Photo Day – Breakfast of Champions
July 16 – Team Event – Woodland Park Zoo Day
July 20 – Swim Team Sleepover (After B-Champs)
July 21 – Last Regular Practice – Pancake Day
August 3 – End-of-Season Swim Team Party

Team Suits and Apparel

2023 Swim Meets

Saturday, June 17: Red vs. Blue Meet

June 22 (Thursday): AWAY Meet – AH @ Kent

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 5:15-5:45pm for AH swimmers.

June 27 (Tuesday): HOME Meet – Twin Lakes @ AH

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 4:45-5:15pm for AH swimmers.

June 29 (Thursday): HOME Meet – Gregory Seahurst @ AH

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 4:45-5:15pm for AH swimmers.

July 6 (Thursday): AWAY Meet – AH @ Marine Hills

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 5:15-5:45pm for AH swimmers.

July 11 (Tuesday): HOME Meet – Olympic View @ AH

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 4:45-5:15pm for AH swimmers.

July 13 (Thursday): AWAY Meet – AH @ Normandy Park

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 5:15-5:45pm for AH swimmers.

July 18 (Tuesday): AWAY Meet – AH @ Lakeridge

Meet starts at 6:00pm. Warm-up are at 5:15-5:45pm for AH swimmers.

Thursday, July 20: B Champs @ Arbor Heights

Monday, July 24: Girls Prelims @ Gregory Seahurst

Tuesday, July 25: Boys Prelims @ Olympic View

Thursday, July 27: Southern Divisions @ Arbor Heights

Tuesday, August 1: All City Swim Meet @ Aqua Club

It takes a village...

Volunteer Opportunities

It takes many hands for a successful swim season! There are opportunities at swim meets, during the day, and behind the scenes. Please help this be a season to remember by signing up to volunteer!

Meet Our 2023 Coaches

Chris Veraya


This summer serves as my 10th anniversary as head swim coach for Arbor Heights, although it will be closing in on two decades on a summer club deck for me. I grew up at the Kent Swim and Tennis Club, swimming my first summer at age 5 for a very young Keith Ure. At 19 I stepped onto a pool deck for the first time to coach, under Mark Prothero, and coached 2004-06 at KSTC while pursuing an Econ degree at UW. Coaching was put on hold while getting my JD from Gonzaga, but resumed in 2012 to coach the Mount Rainier HS teams for 8 years and returning to summer league at OV and then AHSTC. When not on a pool deck you are welcome to find me at my office discussing Elder Law and the encompassing topics.

Hopefully this summer you will see plenty of my (soon to be) 5 year old, Veronica, and (soon to be) 3 year old, Rory, as well as my wife Samantha. We’re dropping Rory naps so he doesn’t miss too much at the Arb this summer. We all look forward to experiencing some of the family summer activities with y’all.

Sofia Malaspino

assistant COACH

Sofia began swimming for Arbor Heights as a speedy sixer and after a short break, rejoined the team at age eleven. She quickly fell in love with the water and joined Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club (then Central Area Aquatic Team) where she swam competitively from 2015-2021. Sofia also swam for Holy Names Academy where she varsity lettered all four years and was nominated captain her senior year. Sofia is currently studying in the Heider College of Business at Creighton University. She is excited for another year coaching at the Arb, sharing her knowledge and love for the sport at the place that first sparked it all!

Molly Murphy

assistant COACH

I can’t wait to coach this year! I started at Arbor Heights swimming as a speedy sixer, and just finished my last season where I did both swim and dive team. Now I’m a freshman in college and am looking forward to a fun summer of fast swimming!

William McGlothlin

assistant COACH

I am really looking forward to coaching this year. I have been swimming at the pool every year since I was four, and now I am very excited to coach. I look forward to seeing how fast the pool can get this summer!

Katie Baber


I have been swimming since I was 5 and have been on SMAC for the past 5 years and on Arbor Heights for the past 3 years. I will be a freshman at the University of Michigan next year and will be joining the club swim team.  I am so excited to be coaching this season and am ready for a fun summer of swimming!

Jojo Southwell


I have been swimming at the pool since I was 4 and have been in love with the sport ever since. If you have any questions of where else to get involved at the pool, I am also a part of dive team and water polo team. I’m so excited to be coaching this season!

Swim Team Contacts

Team Co-Rep
Aaron Rysemus

Casey Jeannot

Parent Liaison

Coaches Email

AHSTC Cheer of Champions

I said “a Boom-chick-a-boom” 
I said “a Boom-chick-a-boom” 
I said “a Boom-chick-a-boom” 
I said “a Boom-chick-a-boom” 
I said “a booma-chicha-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom” 
I said “a booma-chicha-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom” 
I said “a riff-raff-ree” 
I said “a riff-raff-ree” 
I said “a riff-raff-row” 
I said “a riff-raff-row” 
I said “Arbor Heights” 
I said “Arbor Heights” 
They really roll 
They really roll 
Uh, huh, uh, huh 
Oh Yea, Oh Yea 
Knock Knock 
Who’s There? 
Al… Al who? 
Ala Remo, Ala Rimo, Ala Remo, Rimo, Ro 
Come Seven, Come eleven 
Come ricky, racky, shanty town 
Who can knock the arbor down? 
Nobody! Nobody! hey, hey! 
Nobody! Nobody! hey, hey! 
When you’re up, you’re up, 
When you’re down, you’re down! 
When you’re up against the Arbor 
You’re upside down! 
kick ’em in the head 
kick ’em in the feet 
Arbor Heights just can’t be beat! 

Swim Team Feedback

Do you have suggestions, recommendations, or ideas to help improve the AHSTC Swim Team?  Let us know below.
If your suggestion is of high importance or is a direct request, please email ah-swim@ahstc.com or manager@ahstc.com.

Swim Team News

Spring Practice Begins

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