2021 Teams FAQs

Updated 4/21/2021

Q: How do I sign up for Swim, Dive or Tennis Team?
A: Click the links below 

Swim Team

Speedy Sixers

Dive Team

Tennis Team

Registration ends  June 4th.

Q: What are the dates for the team season?

A: Swim

Spring: May 11-June 18 (Speedy Sixers: May 24-June 18)
Summer: June 21 – August 3


Spring:   May 24 – June 17
Summer:   June 21 – July 27


Spring: May 25 – June 18
Summer:  June 21 – July 31

Q: How much will teams cost?
A: Team fees are:
Swim: $150
Tennis: $150
Dive: $125 
Speedy Sixers: Coming Soon

Q: How old does my child need to be to participate in teams?
A: Swim: Minimum age is 5 for Speedy Sixers. Tennis: Minimum age is 7. Dive: Minimum age is 5. 

Q: My child is a beginner, can he/she/they sign up?
A: Swim team: If your child can swim the width of the dive tank, they can join the swim team.
Dive and tennis teams: All levels are welcome!

Q: What will the season look like? Are we competing?
A: Swim Team: At this time, we are planning to hold modified meets against other clubs. Details are still being worked out with GSSSL and the individual clubs. More information will be coming in the next month. Any meets will begin at the end of June.
Dive Team: At this time, we are planning to hold in-person dive meets with other clubs since we are able to stay within the allowed numbers in the facility and keep in line with social distancing requirements. 
Tennis: We are planning tennis matches against other clubs this year. Details are forthcoming, as we determine numbers and logistics around spectators.

Q: How are you keeping kids and coaches safe during COVID-19?
A: We are taking safety seriously.
Entering and exiting the pool:
· As mandated by the State of Washington Department of Health, the pool has established COVID-19 protocol with staff, and surface cleaning procedures at timed intervals. We will also close the showers during the practice sessions to prevent swimmers and divers coming into close contact. The toilets will be available during practice. and will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines, or every 3-4 hours.
· Specifically, for swim and dive practice: we will have a strict protocol on entrance and exit, because those are the choke points where the largest number of people come in close contact. All coaches and all swimmers and divers will maintain 6 feet of distance upon entrance and exit and will wear masks during those times only.
· Club Manager, Amy Bannister, will be issuing more detailed guidance on drop off and pick-up, which may include specific time windows or other precautions.
· Parents must remain in the parking lot during practice or can leave and return at pick up time. No parents on the pool deck.

During swim practice:
· Youth will share lanes (no more than 3-4 youth/lane), but coaches will run intervals to keep kids distanced. The manner in which this happens will be determined by age group. Coaches will explain how this works during practice. 
· During a practice, youth may rotate between pool and dryland workouts.
During dive practice:
· Divers will make use of all edges of the dive tank in addition to the springboard.
During tennis practice:
· We will maintain the mandated 6-foot social distancing rule on the courts.
· We will continue our pick-up and drop off at the tennis gate on 31st Street.
· We are not inviting parents to watch practice or to walk their child to the gate, please drop off directly from your car. A coach in a mask will be waiting to escort your child.
· Everyone will use sanitizer upon entry, and we will wear masks upon entry and exit from the courts. We will not wear masks during play.

 Q: If my child has an hour break between team practices, can they wait at a table for the hour between sessions?
A: No, sorry. We are limited to the number of people we are allowed to have on the pool deck by the State of Washington. Should your child not be registered for well-aligned practices, you will be required to pick your child up between practices. You can also wait in your car, in the parking lot.  We know this is a challenge, but we have to follow the Department of Health guidelines. 

Q: Can I come into the pool with my child and observe practice?
A: No, we can’t keep our numbers low with parents in the pool area. You are welcome to wait in your car. 

Q: Where can I find the spring and summer practice schedules? 
You can find practices schedules on each team page. 

Q: How many youths will be able to register for each team?
A: All interested youth may participate in teams. Age groups may be divided into A/B practice days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, depending on numbers, so we can maintain social distancing between participants as well as coaches, per King County Department of Health requirements. 

Q: How will you divide into Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday groups?
A: At registration, we are asking you to state your preference: No Preference, M/W, or T/TH. PLEASE, choose No Preference if you are flexible! We really want to accommodate everyone, but if our numbers are really unbalanced, we will have to assign people to groups. We don’t know what the spring participation looks like yet, so we are asking for your spring preference, but if participation is low, your child might be able to attend each day. Again, we are still working this out and appreciate your patience! Thank you! 

Q: Who is coaching?
A: We have a terrific line up of coaches for swim,  dive, and tennis.

Q: Can my child purchase any snacks or beverages when they are at the club for practice?
A: No, the snack shack will not be open during team practices.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
A: Each team has a board representative who can help answer questions. 
Swim: ah-swim@ahstc.com
Dive: ah-dive@ahstc.com
Tennis: ah-tennis@ahstc.com