Family Membership Waitlist

There is a $25 fee to add your name to our waitlist.
We currently have a waitlist to become a member at AHSTC. 

PLEASE NOTE: When you join the waitlist, you create an account with AHSTC.

It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current. You can log into your account and update. If we cannot reach you by the phone number or email address listed, we will move on the the next person on the waitlist. 

If you have any questions, see the FAQs below or email membership at

Once you have signed up for the waitlist, you can log into your AHSTC account and see your waitlist rank.

You can also check the list HERE. This list was updated on 1/9/2024.

Waitlist FAQs

To add your name to the AHSTC waitlist, click the “Join the Waitlist” above and fill out our online form.

The cost to add your name to our waitlist is $25. When you complete the waitlist registration, you will be prompted for payment. You can use a credit or debit card. The fee is non-refundable.

The Club’s Bylaws cap the number of Senior Memberships at 100. However, due to grandfathering, there are currently more than 100 Senior Members and for the foreseeable future, the Board of Trustees does not anticipate that dropping below 100. Therefore, the Board has elected to close the Senior Membership waitlist. 

We will maintain the current senior waitlist HERE.

The number of new members depends on the number of current members that do not renew their membership in the spring. On average, we have 30-40 new members a season.

On average we go through approximately 60-70 names each season.

 This is dependent on the number of current members that renew each spring. Ten to thirteen years is our best estimate at this time. 

To join AHSTC, there is a $1600 membership sales fee, plus a $200 transfer fee, along with the annual dues and any assessments. 

AHSTC does not offer a payment plan.

No, if your name comes up for membership you need to decide that season if you will join or not. You may have your name put at the end of the waitlist for no additional fee (but the list is quite long).

If you move or change email addresses, it is your responsibility to update us. You can log into your account and update. If you do not have a log in, email to and we will get you set up with one. 

If we are unable to reach you by email or phone when your name comes up for membership, we will have to remove your name and move on to the next family on the waitlist.