Conditions of Rental Agreement

1) The pool is available for rental on Friday and Saturday evenings, weekday afternoons during spring hours, or other times as arranged (on an as-guards-are-available basis). Only members of Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club may rent the pool.

2) The pool may be rented for two hours. The guards will clear the pool 15 minutes prior to the rental ending. All members and guests must exit the pool area by the end time of the rental. An additional fee will be assessed for every 15 minutes that they remain after the rental end time.

3) Depending on the type of event/age range of swimmers, it is the discretion of the manager whether another guard needs to be added which will in turn increase the cost. This will be determined before the approval of the rental.

4) Full payment of rental rates and clean-up deposit is required to confirm your rental reservation. Cancellation must be made fourteen (14) days prior to the reserved date to avoid forfeiture of fees. For parties that are booked and then cancelled, AHSTC will charge a 10-15% fee, depending on how close to the date the event is cancelled. This policy aims to provide equitable access to party dates for all AHSTC members, and allows us to recover credit card fees and staff time. 

5) The member renting the pool must be present during the rental period and assumes financial responsibility for any damage which occurs during the rental and which is the result of negligence. Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.

6) The member is also responsible for the conduct of their guests. Members and guests agree to comply with the City of Seattle Municipal Code 25.08.500. “It is unlawful for any person knowingly to cause or make, or for any person in possession of property knowingly to allow or originate from the property, unreasonable noise which disturbs another, and to refuse or intentionally fail to cease the unreasonable noise when ordered to do so by a police officer.” This code also states that unreasonable noise includes loud voices between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am.

7) For any rental that involves youth, there must be a minimum of one (1) adult chaperone for each ten (10) youth per gender.

8) Weapons of any kind are not allowed on the premises. Failure to comply will result in immediate cancellation of the event with no refunds.

9) Alcohol will not be allowed or consumed on the premises when minors are present during a youth or teen rental.

10) All Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club general operating, health and sanitation, and safety rules apply during the rental period. The manager and lifeguards have authority over the activities of all individuals while using the facility. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any individual(s) and to ban the presence of alcohol if we are unable to schedule a guard of at least 21 years of age.