2020 Update:

Because of our limited use of the club during the pandemic, we will not be allowing caregivers this season.

Below is information on Caregivers for a normal summer season:

Children under 8 years old are not allowed to bring a guest into the club. AHSTC allows members to add seasonal caregivers to their account. Each fall, caregivers are removed from member accounts.

Caregivers will not be allowed to enter the facility without the members’ children or to bring guests and/or children of their own or currently in their care. Members’ children age 8 years or older may register a caregiver’s child as a guest and pay the guest fee or use an available guest pass. A $100 nonrefundable caregiver fee per designated caregiver will be assessed to the member. A $100 nonrefundable additional assessment will be charged to the member for a change in caregiver registration.

Grandparents: if grandparents are caregivers, a $100 nonrefundable caregiver fee PER COUPLE is assessed. To register a set of grandparents, register one grandparent and contact the office manager at to add second grandparent.

Members can register their caregiver when they pay their dues in the spring.

Members can register a caregiver anytime during the season by logging into their account.

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