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The AHSTC tennis team is for kids of all ability levels. The team holds afternoon practices on Tuesdays and Wednesday from late-May to late-June, and morning practices, Monday through Friday, from late-June to late-July. Matches are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings and are typically played by team members 10 years or older, unless a younger child is particularly strong and skilled. In order to participate in matches, kids must be able to serve, keep score, and rally a few balls continuously. Before the start of summer matches, we offer an inter-club match to give kids a chance to get comfortable with match play in a relaxed and fun environment. The season ends with a two-day End of Season Tournament.

Kids interested in improving their tennis may also take advantage of our 2-week tennis lesson programs offered in the summer, or hire any of our instructors for private lessons. Both of these opportunities are affordable options to further improving tennis skills, especially when compared to local tennis club rates.

The AHSTC Tennis Team is fun, low-pressure way to learn the sport of tennis, or improve existing tennis skills. It’s also a great way to make new friends at the Arb while enjoying time outdoors!

Registration Opens April 15

All AHSTC Team registrations open April 15 and runs through June 20. Participants must be registered before participating in practices. Questions? Contact your team rep (contact information below).

Team T-Shirt

The Tennis team T-shirt order form is now available. Please bring the completed form and payment to the club office during open hours. To be included in the first order, turn in by Monday, July 1. We are not able to accept email orders. 

Reminder, if your children are planning to play in matches, they will need a team T-shirt.

Tennis Practice Schedule

Spring Practice

Coming Soon!

Summer Practice

Coming Soon!

Tennis Practice Schedule

Spring Practice

Spring Practices will begin on Tuesday, May 28 and end on Tuesday, June 25. Practices will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

4:00-4:45pm, 11-14 year olds
4:45-5:30pm, 15 and older
5:30-6:00pm, 10 and under

Summer Practice

Summer Practice will begin on Friday, June 28 and end on July 19. Practice the week of July 22-26 will only include All City participants. Practices will be held Mondays-Fridays.

8:00-8:45am, 9-10 year olds (10 & U)
8:45-9:30am, 6-8 year olds (8 & U)
9:30-10:30am, 15-18 year olds (15 & up)
10:30-11:30am, 13-14 year olds (14 & U)
11:30-12:30pm, 11-12 year olds (12 & U)

Team Events & Matches

Coming Soon!

Team Events

May 28, 3:30-6:30pm: Sylvia’s Swimsuit Team Fitting

May 30th at 6pm: Dive Parent Meeting

May 30, 6:30pm: Judges Clinic

July 10, 8am: Team Photos & Pancake Breakfast

August 3, 6pm: All Team Party

August 8, 6pm: Awards Night

Tennis Matches

Friday, July 5: AHSTC @ Gregory Seahurst (away)

Meet starts at 5:30pm Be at the pool by 4:45pm. Warm-up begins at 5:00pm for AH Divers.

Friday, July 12: Olympic View @ AHSTC (home)

Meet starts at 5:30pm Be at the pool by 4:15pm. Warm-up begins at 4:30pm for AH Divers.

Friday, July 19: Normandy Park @ AHSTC (home)

Meet starts at 4:30pm (start time, an hour earlier). Be at the pool by 3:15pm. Warm-up begins at 3:30pm for AH Divers.

Saturday, July 27: SSSDL Championship Meet @ Olympic View

It takes a village...

Volunteer Opportunities

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Meet Our 2020 Coaches


Head coach

Lauren Jergens


Lauren started playing tennis at Arbor Heights when she was eight years old and began club and tournament play at age thirteen. She graduated from Kennedy Catholic High School in 2018 and varsity lettered in tennis all four years. Lauren placed 7th in state her junior year and 6th in state her senior year at Kennedy, where she also made first team all-league three of her years playing. Lauren currently attends Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and is studying Psychology. She is a part of the GCU Club Tennis A team and placed first in the bronze bracket at the Southwest Sectionals Tournament this past Spring. Lauren enjoys playing tennis regularly, road trips with friends and watching movies. This is her second year coaching at Arbor.

Lauren’s favorite professional tennis player is Roger Federer and her favorite shot is the inside-out forehand.  lcjergens3@gmail.com

Christine Barton

Assistant coach

Christine has been a member of Arbor Heights for 15 years and she began playing tennis at the Arb at age 6. She has enjoyed playing varsity tennis at Holy Names all four years of her high school career. During Christine’s junior year, she went to state in doubles and placed 8th at which time the Holy Names team won state. Last year, Christine played # 1 doubles and made it to districts. Christine attended her first year at the University of Iowa as a business student.  She plays on The University of Iowa club tennis team and is going to Arizona for nationals in April. This is Christine’s 4th year coaching at Arbor Heights and she looks forward to coaching again! 

Christine’s favorite shot is the overhead volley and her favorite tennis player is Serena Williams. Her favorite food is a vegetarian sandwich from subway.  chrisbarton@UIowa.edu

Wyatt Keppler

Assistant coach

Wyatt has been an Arb member for 12 years where he started playing tennis at age 8. He has played on the tennis team at AHSTC ever since. This year, Wyatt started his first year at Washington State University where he is studying Financial Market Economics. In his free time, he plays for the Competitive Club Tennis Team as well as coach his friends in the sport as well. Last year, Wyatt placed Top 10 at the State Tennis Tournament in May 2018. 

Wyatt’s favorite shot is the forehand volley and his favorite professional tennis player is Rafael Nadal. Wyatt’s favorite food is the Jack’s Special from Husky Deli in West Seattle. wyattk@comcast.net

Tennis Team Contacts

Team Rep
Meg Halverson

Parent Liaison
Nicole Davis

Head Coach

Assistant Coaches
Christine Barton
Lauren Jergens
Wyatt Keppler
Fiona Scanlan
Brendan Stoll

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